Secret To Setting Up A Perfect Work Shop, In A Small Space Without a Nightmare Budget!

Secret To Setting Up A Perfect Work Shop, In A Small Space Without a Nightmare Budget!
(Chicago, IL, November 18, 2018)

Woodworkers struggling with limited funds and small spaces can cheer up. ‘The Ultimate Small Shop Guide: How to set up a complete small workshop on a budget’ is now available, and makes it a breeze to set up a small, in-budget and personalized wood shop, with best tools included.

Woodworkers who are setting up a shop will love the new ‘Ultimate Shop Guide’. Borne out of hard experiences of author and woodworker Ralph Chapman, this is the complete and ultimate guide to setting up a small, $1,000 wood shop, with clear instructions on how to go about building it. The book comes with a shopping list of the best tools and links to purchase them, all at the lowest prices.

The guide includes floor plans and optimized layouts for setting up a space as small as 8’x8′. The tool buy list is exceptional in that even large marketplaces like Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot can’t match them. The secret tool source can save at least 70% on prices!

The Ultimate Small Shop is the official platform of Ralph Chapman, who faces all of the issues that woodworkers have to deal with, such as tool selection, workshop space, fear of working with bad tools and wasting money. After the economic downturn of 2009, Ralph decided to take action, and set up his own personalized wood work shop.

“I ended up enjoying this small 10’ x 10’ shop even more than my larger shop! Everything just connected so well. And it might sound strange… but in this “small” workshop. I just felt more like a craftsman. I shared my new small shop system with my students. I showed them exactly what I had done. One step at a tim.” says Ralph.

Ultimate Small Shop now shares the same novel idea to set up a fully equipped workshop, where anything can be made without the required large spaces or loads of money. The book carries hundreds of pages of instructions, advice, strategies, price guides and resources to guide woodworkers to set up their very own ultimate workshop.

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Phone: +1(404)7954921
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